ROUND BALE SAVERS come with a fully transferable pro-rated 20 YEAR Limited Warranty

If unit becomes unserviceable because a part rusts through or a weld fails or a bolt breaks, we will repair or replace it, at our option, any time within 20 YEARS of original construction on a pro-rated basis.

Do NOT return unit or parts to your dealer.  In the unlikely event a part fails and must be replaced or repaired, first contact then return any unserviceable part to BoVeQ Round Bale Saver, llc, 3782 South 137th West Av., Sand Springs, Oklahoma, 74063. You are responsible for shipping both ways, plus any pro-rated costs for replacements or repairs.

Pro-rated here means that the price for any new part replaced or repaired by ROUND BALE SAVER, LLC is reduced based on the amount of time it has been used.  Example: If a part becomes unserviceable 10 years after date of purchase, a new part would cost the current owner 50% of its current value at time of replacement or repair.

Minor dings, dents, chips and scratches caused by livestock and harsh weather are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered by this warranty.  Powder coated and galvanized surfaces, rubber, plastic, damage caused by trucks, tractors, and other equipment are specifically excluded from this warranty.  Unauthorized modifications, abuse, misuse, illegal use, improper use, and permanent installation void the warranty.

For questions about warranty repairs or replacement parts call 918-514-0221 or go to


Round Bale Saver is designed to be used with front-loading, double (side by side) spears at least 3 feet in length.  Do NOT use single spears or triple spear (long spear with two short spikes) or any other type of spears. 

NOT designed to be used with tractor rear-loading spears or truck mounted spears. 

Do NOT lift or transport Round Bale Saver with bale in unit.  To promote good pasture health and to maintain integrity of unit, carefully insert tractor’s bale spears into Spear Tubes, lift and transport empty unit to new feeding area each time you feed a new bale.  Place unit on dry, level ground before loading each new round bale.

To move unit lift with spear tubes, NEVER slide unit.  If unit becomes frozen in place or otherwise stuck, physically release unit by digging it out, do NOT dislodge unit by prying, strapping or lifting with spear tubes. 

When loading bale or moving unit, keep livestock and bystanders at a safe distance.  Do NOT feed horned livestock.  Keep horned livestock away from unit to avoid possible entanglement with hay sling. 

ROUND BALE SAVER, LLC is NOT responsible for damage to property or equipment, or for accidents or injury to people or livestock.  If you have ANY questions about units ‘safe and intended use’ call Round Bale Saver before use.  Inspect unit regularly, if damaged DO NOT USE. Contact for repair or replacement parts.

The seller undertakes no responsibility for the quality of the goods except as otherwise provided in this warranty and hereby disclaims the warranty of merchantability. The seller assumes no responsibility that the goods will be fit for any particular purpose for which you may be buying these goods, except as otherwise provided in THIS WARRANTY. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.